Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments – A favored place to relax among Norwegians and other Scandinavians, a spa is a place for health and personal treatments and well-being. Water usually plays an essential part, with hot and cold pools and tubs. There are often different kinds of massages and skin treatments available.  For those with deeper pockets, one can go to the Artesia Spa Grand Hotel (in downtown Oslo) – which offers seven exclusive treatment rooms, including a double treatment room, as well as a stunning swimming pool, steam room, sauna and changing rooms. All treatment rooms have bathtubs for hydrotherapy treatments along with a separate VIP-suite for groups.  The spa offers all spa-related treatments; massage, facials, body treatments as well as nail design, pedicure and manicure.

For those with more time and a car, there is Farris Bad (located in Larvik, at Vestfold – a 90-minute drive south of Oslo).  Farris Bad (bath in Norwegian) has the largest and most comprehensive spa department in Scandinavia, and is the only hotel to have established its spa on a natural mineral-rich spring.  Each day, fresh spring water bubbles up from the subterranean grotto 55 meters under the ground, rich in nutrients and full of health-bringing properties. The water takes 20 years to percolate through the natural moraine filters below the beech forest before it reaches Farris Bad.  The spa department focuses on physical exercise, mental training, balanced diets and treatments. It is a place where you can find outer and inner calm. Professional advice and dedicated therapists will ensure you are taken good care of during treatment.